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Wholesalebulbs.net is proud to be the exclusive web wholesaler for the Big E Bulb! The Big E bulb is a direct replacement to the HID lamp which is sometimes referred to as a metal halide or pulse start lamp. Today there are over 45.7 million HID or metal halide fixtures in use across the United States despite their energy inefficiency. The average Metal Halide lamp sold in the United States today utilizes 400 watts of power. Until now it has been very difficult to justify converting these 45 million fixtures over to an energy efficient light source because the costs to convert the fixture to energy efficient alternatives is excessive. New ballasts must be installed and/or existing ballasts must be bypassed. These HID metal halide fixtures are often in hard to access locations which demands additional electrical contracting expense.

The new patent pending Big-E Lamp now serves as a real energy efficient alternative requiring no change to the Metal Halide fixture. This lamp simply screws directly into the Metal Halide fixture. There is no need to bypass the ballast! Yet, the ballast can be bypassed if necessary! The Big E fluorescent bulb requires 277 volts to operate just like most metal halide lamps. The Big E fluorescent bulb has an E-39 base which is the same as the Metal Halide fixture.

An average business nationally pays about $.10 per kilowatt hour. Average annual cost to operate a Metal Halide bulb would be approximately $380.05 per metal halide bulb per year. Simply unscrew the Metal Halide bulb and screw in the Big E bulb and that cost per fixture per year goes from $380.05 down to $168.30; an immediate 55% savings in energy costs. A building with 20 fixtures would save $4,235 annually. One could conclude that these bulbs do not cost money, they create money. The Big E fluorescent bulb brings incredible additional advantages to the marketplace when compared to the metal halide pulse or probe start bulb:

* Over the 15,000 hours the Big-E bulb will last, the lumen maintenance is far superior to Metal Halide bulbs. Big-E offers lumen depreciation of below 15% as compared to lumen depreciation of 40%-70% in metal halide lamps over the same period!

*The Big E bulb offers instant start up and restrike. The customer no longer has to wait for the bulb to brighten! In many cases a metal halide bulb can take up to 15 minutes to come up to full lumen capacity.

*There will be no color change over the life of the Big E bulb and its CRI (color Rendering Index) of 84 is much higher than the CRI of 40 with Metal Halide bulbs.

*The Big E Fluorescent bulb runs very cool eliminating any unwanted heat in a facility from the hot running Metal Halide bulbs. This can also mean a more comfortable environment for workers or visitors within these buildings. The Big E bulb offers 90% less heat than Metal Halide lamps which can reduce the temperature in a typical building by more then 5 degrees per fixture, further driving down energy costs by reducing the demand on cooling systems in the facility.

Rich Kellaher, President of Wholesalebulbs.net stated, "Since the Big E Bulb is a direct replacement for Metal Halide or Pulse Start Lamps, we have decided to make sure there are thousands of Big E bulbs in stock ready to ship. The market is enormous and this Big E Bulb is truly aspirin for our customers' "headaches"! Demand has been great thus far but many are just learning of this incredible new bulb!" Kellaher added, "When you consider how easy this bulb is to switch to, I anticipate an accelerated sales curve on this product in the upcoming weeks and months as clients learn of the potential dollar savings by enacting a simple switch requiring no capital investment. At first, it surprises our clients when we inform them that they simply screw the Big E into a Metal Halide fixture! There is no need to bypass the ballast. If you do choose to bypass the ballast, you can as long as the input power is 277 Volts. This Big E bulb is the first of its kind and no one else in the world has ever offered this incredible new innovative product!"

The Big E delivers some head to head advantages vs Metal Halide bulbs. Lou Hughes, VP of product development for wholesalebulbs.net stated, "This bulb offers immediate savings day one! In this economy, this is a tremendous advantage to commercial building owners! This Big E bulb is 14.5" from base to tip and 7.5" in diameter"! It seems this Big E bulb is hard to classify. "It is legally not a CFL", stated Mr. Kellaher. He added, "The Big E looks like a CFL but it is not. When a company considers the wattage reduction available with the Big E bulb, their eyes begin to widen as they consider the rebate dollars available from Utility companies. The bulb literally can serve as a cash generator for many companies." Hughes piggybacked onto this point by stating, "The math is pretty straightforward, we offer 180 watts for a superior product compared to the 400 watt metal halide and our 120 watt Big E replaces the 250 watt metal halide bulb. It has an E-39 base so it screws right into the Metal Halide sockets! No capital investment required which makes a company’s CFO happy".

Hughes continued "With the cool white color temperature of 5000 Kelvin, we just have not seen any downside to this bulb thus far! We can even ship it via UPS Ground with over 20 built in supports on 3 sides of each bulb. This is vital not only for shipping but for withstanding any vibrations the bulb may see when in use. The bulb is built to last and satisfy and with our aggressive price schedule, our resellers can make strong profits as they offer a truly unique solution for clients / companies more focused than ever on their bottom line."

With an 18 month warranty on The Big E in addition to it being UL & CUL listed and approved, the customer need not worry about quality. The Big E bulb is a smart green solution for replacement of metal halide lamps. And when one considers the 45 million HID fixtures in the US Market being utilized an average of 10 hours per day, if every metal halide bulb was switched out for a Big E that would create an energy savings of 90 million kilowatt hours of power per year in the US Market. To put this savings in perspective, it represents more then twice the energy that is created within the entire alternative energy generation business in the USA today (includes Solar, Wind, etc)!

For the lower watt Big E Bulb, please see our 120 Watt Big E

Wholesalebulbs is now going to be importing dimmable LED light bulbs so that its customers can purchase LED light bulbs at a reasonable price. Wholesalebulbs will have the following LED light bulbs for sale:

MR-16 LED Bulb Dimmable

4 Watt LED Candelabra Bulb Dimmable

6 Watt A shape LED Bulb Dimmable

9 Watt LED Bulb Dimmable

Wholesalebulbs will also be importating dimmable CCFL bulbs. More information on these bulbs will be available shortly.

Wholesale Bulbs offers energy saving compact fluorescent lighting solutions via our online store to US and Canadian residential and commercial customers. We have the highest quality CFL products at discount prices. We represent all the major brands that manufacture energy efficient light bulbs and we can help you to insure you get the right light fixture retrofit for your particular lighting requirement. We stock all types of compact fluorescent lighting including CFL reflector , PAR, candelabra, T5, globe, flood and spiral bulbs that will fit existing light fixtures. We also provide wholesale pricing to our customers for bulk orders of light bulbs. Whether your interest is long lasting energy saving lighting for your home, business or landscaping we have the compact fluorescent light bulb selection and application that will work for you.

Wholesalebulbs is celebrating its fifth year in business selling wholesale CFL bulbs.  Wholesalebulbs is proud of its leading position as a high quality discount CFL Fluorescent bulbs supplier online.  Wholesalebulbs is entering into new markets beyond wholesale cfl bulbs and discount cfl bulbs.

Wholesalebulbs is now importing LED Light Bulbs Directly from the major Manufacturers in China to your door.  We can provide you with savings of over 50% against traditional LED Bulb pricing offered in the United States.  We only deal with the largest and highest quality suppliers like Mester Corporation.  We only use lamps with high quality LED silicon from companies like CREE and Edison.

Check out our new LifeLamp Technology which has been developed with removable covers!  You can see our video below which describes how it works: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DNACtl2zFQ0

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