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Casino Players security Wagering tricks

May 20th, 2014

jeux poker

Although there’s a fatgoneproductreviews.com lot of sound happening at a craps table you’d be wise to try and keep calm and observe the way the table is running. The safest wagers are constantly the Pass / do not Pass lines but of course these pay even money. Once you get the hang of the way the table is running a start to examine the other players and if you see a player winning consistently there’s nothing to prevent you following his bets.

That won’t dissuade most individuals from placing a little flutter on a horse now and then or from buying a lottery ticket (the latter is likely the worse wager in gambling). It may keep one or two poor souls from squandering a lot of time attempting to make a move that’s almost impossible, though.

The following stop is Ray’s Corner, among the few bars on Primary with some claim to class. The site of the annualMotorcycle Ride-Through, Ray’s is normally populated by senior locals. A couple of machine a sous doors down, Jim’s Tapenjoys a generational blend. No question here-the goal at Jim’s is consistently to get plastered. Popular opinion states one beverage at Jim’s equals three drinkseverywhere else in town.

Rather naturally these are the online sites that additionally offer Euro Sport Bet, the phenomenon has become highly popular as it is the finest method to include small enjoyment to the game. It is additionally significantly more than only a way to spice up favourite past time, it is a big business additionally. You can win and you are able to win always. The online sites offer distinct kind of sport bet, all which are designed so the novel itself make a profit no matter what the result of the occasion will be.

Named after one of the great lakes, Erie offers a wide assortment of outdoor beachy fun. Yearly over 4 million people see Presque Isle to swim, hike, fish, and boat. The park offers eleven delightful sandy seashores, all describing distinct draws. Some have lifeguards casino on duty, volleyball nets, bathhouses, concession stands, and more. Some unguarded beaches are more peaceful and laidback. There are over fifteen miles of trails available for hiking, jogging, bicycling, walking and cross country skiing. Ice fishing additionally draws out many fishermen from hibernation in the long winter months.

This really is one of the edges of playing poker casino en ligne, nearly anybody can bluff without stressing that their facial expression is giving them away. Unlike in playing inside a casino, players have a tendency to lose credibility with their bluffing because they are not good at showing a poker face, understandably it’s really fairly hard to be emotionless especially if one is losing or winning much cash.

You will locate things about poker which are clear even to an amateur. casino en ligne You’lldiscoveralsothose that are onlyobvious to people who are sharpobserversregardless of what skilldegree you possess. But, you’ll findalso those which are onlyclear to peoplewho haveyears and years of experience in the poker field.

The original film James Bond celebrity was Sean Connery, age 32. He made seven official Bond movies starting in 1962. His films comprise: Dr. No (1962), From Russia with Love (1963), Goldfinger (1964), Thunderball (1965), You Only Live Twice (1967) and Diamonds are Eternally (1971). An unofficial version of In Never Say Never Again starred Connery in 1983.

Metal Halide Energy Efficient Bulb

May 21st, 2011

Media Contacts:
Lou Hughes
PHOTO: WholesaleBulb’s Big E Bulb is a Biggie in Energy Efficient Light Bulb Category Primary advantages include instant start, 55 percent operating cost reduction, 90 percent heat reduction, and no capital investment to use in metal halide or pulse start fixtures

For Immediate Release

CITY OF INDUSTRY, Calif./EWORLDWIRE/May 17, 2011 — Wholesalebulbs.net announces the addition of a new patent-pending energy efficient light bulb to its leading energy efficient light bulb Web site at WholesaleBulbs.net (‘http://www.wholesalebulbs.net’).

Wholesalebulbs.net is the exclusive Web wholesaler for the Big E Bulb, which is a direct replacement to the HID bulb or lamp, also referred to as a metal halide or pulse start bulb.

The Big E bulb is a direct replacement to the HID bulb which is sometimes referred to as a metal halide or pulse start bulb. The bulb simply screws in, without a need to bypass ballasts as is typically the case when using an energy efficient bulb in a metal halide or pulse start fixture. The Big E bulb requires 277 volts to operate just like most metal halide bulbs, and it has an E-39 base enabling it to be used in metal halide fixtures.

Today, there are over 45.7 million HID or metal halide fixtures in use across the United States despite their energy inefficiency. The average metal halide bulb sold in the U.S. pulls 400 watts of power. The cost to convert HID or metal halide fixtures to an energy efficient light source is excessive, which has delayed adoption. New ballasts must be installed or existing ballasts must be bypassed, and HID metal halide fixtures are often in hard-to-access locations, requiring excessive electrical contracting expenses.

An average business nationally pays about $.10 per kilowatt hour, and the average annual cost to operate a metal halide bulb runs about $380.05 per metal halide bulb per year. By simply replacing metal halide bulbs with Big E bulbs, the cost per fixture per year drops from $380.05 to $168.30 – an immediate 55 percent savings in energy costs. A building with 20 fixtures would save $4,235 annually. With these huge cost savings and no up front capital investment required to update fixtures and ballasts to use the Big E bulb, it makes the decision to change to The Big E bulb an easy one.

Additional advantages of using The Big E fluorescent bulb rather than metal halide pulse or probe start bulbs:

- Lumen Maintenance: Over the 15,000 hours the Big-E bulb will last, lumen maintenance is far superior to metal halide bulbs. Big-E offers lumen depreciation of below 15 percent as compared to lumen depreciation of up to 70 percent in metal halide lamps over the same period.

- Instant Start-up and Restrike: With instant start up and restrike, customers no longer have to wait for the bulb to brighten. In many cases, metal halide bulbs can take up to 15 minutes to reach full lumen capacity.

- Color Change: There will be no color change over the life of the Big E bulb, and its CRI (color Rendering Index) of 84 is much higher than the CRI of 40 with metal halide bulbs.

- Low Temperature: The Big E bulb produces 90 percent less heat than metal halide lamps which can reduce the temperature in a typical building by more than 5 degrees per fixture and energy costs by reducing the demand on cooling systems. The Big E Fluorescent bulb runs very cool creating a more comfortable working environment within buildings.

Rich Kellaher, president of Wholesalebulbs.net, stated, “As a simple direct replacement for metal halide or pulse start lamps, the Big E Bulb presents significant bottom-line savings by making the switch without requiring capital investment.

“Demand has been great, but many people are just learning of this incredible new bulb,” Kellaher said. “I anticipate an accelerated sales curve on this product in the upcoming weeks and months as clients learn about it and select from thousands of Big E bulbs we have available and in stock, ready to ship.

“The Big E Bulb is truly aspirin for our customers’ financial headaches. What surprises clients most is how easy it is to switch – that they simply screw the Big E into a metal halide fixture. There is no need to bypass ballasts; those who choose to bypass them can do so when the input power is 277 Volts. This patent pending Big E bulb is the first of its kind and no one else in the world has ever offered this innovative product.”

The Big E delivers some head-to-head advantages over metal halide bulbs. Lou Hughes, vice president of product development for Wholesalebulbs.net, noted, “Big E Bulbs offer immediate savings beginning on day one. In this economy, more energy efficient lighting offers tremendous financial incentives to commercial building owners.

“From base to tip, Big E bulbs are 14.5 cm and 7.5 cm in diameter – and, it seems, the Big E bulb is hard to classify. While the Big E looks like a CFL it is not. It is legally not a CFL,” remarked Kellaher.

“When a company considers the wattage reduction available with Big E bulbs, they are struck by the amount of rebate dollars available from utility companies by implementing the solution,” commented Kellaher. “The bulb can literally serve as a cash generator. The math is straightforward: we offer greater energy efficiency in 180 watts for a superior product compared to 400-watt metal halides, and our 120-watt Big E replaces 250-watt metal halide bulbs. The E-39 base screws right into metal halide sockets. Seeing that no capital investment is required brightens every CFO’s outlook.”

Hughes continued, “With the cool white color temperature of 5000 Kelvin, we just have not seen any downside to this bulb thus far. Products are shipped via UPS Ground with over 20 built-in supports on three sides of each bulb, to withstand vibrations the bulb may see when in use. The bulbs are built to last and satisfy and, with our aggressive price schedule, our resellers can make strong profits as they offer a truly unique solution for clients and companies more focused than ever on their bottom line.”

An 18-month warranty and UL & CUL listing and approval ensure customers enjoy quality and service.

Added Hughes, “Big E Bulbs are a smart green solution for the replacement of metal halide bulbs. When you consider the drain of 45 million HID bulbs on the U.S. energy market being utilized an average of 10 hours per day, if every metal halide bulb was switched out for a Big E, an energy savings equivalent to 90 million kilowatt hours of power per year would be saved. To put this in perspective, it represents more then twice the energy that is created within the entire alternative energy generation business in the U.S. today – including solar, wind, and other sources.”

To learn more about and purchase the Big E bulb please visit the below links on the www.wholesalebulbs.net website:


A useful bulb selector can be found at ‘http://www.wholesalebulbs.net/selector’, while current specials can be viewed at ‘http://www.wholesalebulbs.net/special_page.php’.

Learn more about the Big E Bulb and its affiliate reseller program at ‘http://www.wholesalebulbs.net/customer-services/affiliate’ or order Big E Bulbs at WholesaleBulbs.net (‘http://www.wholesalebulbs.net’).

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Lou Hughes
3700 W Sherbrooke Drive
Mequon, WI 53092
PHONE. (415)-264-9415
EMAIL: lou@wholesalebulbs.net


SOURCE: Wholesale Bulbs


LifeLamps NEW Detachable CFL Ballast Reusable CFL Ballast

March 13th, 2010

Discount Light Bulb Retailer WholesaleBulbs.net Takes Environmental Protection Seriously with New Compact Fluorescent Lighting Design
Wholesale Bulbs, a leading retailer of wholesale energy efficient light bulbs, introduces LifeLamp, a revolutionary new energy efficient compact florescent light bulb featuring a unique, detachable ballast designed to be reused by replacing only the glass spiral tube portion of the bulb when it burns out. LifeLamp costs less then traditional integrated CFL bulbs and significantly reduces the quantity of harmful unrecyclable leaded PCB ballasts which are disposed of in our landfills.

Mequon, WI (PRWEB) March 2, 2010 — American discount light bulb retailer WholesaleBulbs (http://www.wholesalebulbs.net), has introduced an innovative new patent pending compact fluorescent light bulb (CFL) called LifeLamp. Designed for the mass market, LifeLamp marks a significant advancement in environmental lighting. Different from other CFL bulbs, the plastic ballast on this compact fluorescent bulb can be detached from the glass spiral light tube when the tube burns out and reused again with a new tube. Typical, CFL ballasts can last five times or over 50,000 hours longer than the spiral glass tube. CFL bulbs with ballasts integrated into the glass tube cannot be reused and must be thrown out along with the burnt out glass tube. The LifeLamp CFL bulb, with its detachable reusable ballast, significantly reduces the overall cost of lighting, but its greatest benefit is to the environment because it reduces the number of unrecyclable leaded PCB ballasts in our landfills.

Simple to use, the LifeLamp CFL bulb does not require an expensive retrofit to existing incandescent fixtures to enable energy efficiency. Consumers initially purchase a modular ballast and lamp combination. Later, when the lamp burns out, they simply purchase a replacement LifeLamp bulb, at considerable savings. Currently released in a dimmable version, LifeLamp CFL offers outstanding performance due to the custom semiconductor which is used in the design. It is guaranteed to work for over 50,000 hours, but in many installations the LifeLamp ballasts last as long as 100,000 hours.

“LifeLamp provides a great opportunity to save money and help to protect the environment,” says Lou Hughes of Wholesale Bulbs. “The typical CFL ballast that is turned on everyday for an average of three hours will last almost 50 years. As well, the average CFL ballast costs about the same as the spiral glass tube. By re-using the ballast and replacing only the glass tube, consumers will save money as well as help the environment. Over the life of the LifeLamp CFL reusable ballast, customers can expect to save up to $70 and prevent many leaded circuits in plastic housings from ending up in the landfill,” states Hughes.

Every year over 500 million compact fluorescent light bulbs are sold worldwide. They offer an 80% improvement in energy efficiency over traditional incandescent and halogen bulbs. While other lighting technologies like LED bulbs are available, they cannot compare to the cost performance ratio that CFL’s offer today. Sales of CFL’s will continue to climb due to rising energy costs and environmental concerns.
Beyond 2012, the governments of the United States and Canada have mandated that incandescent bulbs will be phased out, which could drive CFL sales through the roof.

While reducing energy consumption through the use of CFL bulbs is good for the environment, disposing of them is not. When a regular CFL lamp burns out, a perfectly good ballast containing heavy metals is thrown away with the bulb. This also results in hundreds of millions of pounds of flame retardant plastic and PCB’s that are land filled each year. CFL ballasts cannot be effectively recycled and reused due to the brominated flame retardant additives that are used in their plastic enclosures. When these ballasts are disposed of in high volume, it can create some major environmental issues. Non-biodegradable materials, caustic chemicals and serious environmental pollutants, including lead can pollute soil and water.

By simply separating the ballast from the lamp, the LifeLamp CFL goes a long way in reducing the number of ballasts that end up in our landfills therefore protecting the land and water supplies from potentially dangerous pollutants. LifeLamp is a new energy-saving lighting product that will be welcomed by all, especially informed environmental groups and all green consumers.

Contact Information:
Lou Hughes
Wholesale Bulbs
3700 Sherbrooke Drive
Mequon, WI 53092
Phone: 877-2EZ-BULB


About Wholesale Bulbs: Wholesale Bulbs is a leading discount light bulb retailer, offering and the highest quality wholesale fluorescent bulbs and energy efficient lighting to your door at factory direct prices. Providing exceptional service and fast delivery, Wholesale Bulbs ensures that their prices are the lowest anywhere by constantly monitoring competitor pricing. They will not be undersold and offer a 110% price challenge to prove it. To learn more about Wholesalebulbs.net and their extensive line of affordable energy efficient lighting products, including the new eco-friendly CFL bulb LifeLamp, call 877-2EZ-BULB or visit http://www.wholesalebulbs.net.


Cheapest CFL Bulbs

January 3rd, 2010

Where to find the cheapest CFL’s on the internet?  How to find the cheapest CFL’s on the internet? 

There IS a quality difference from one CFLbulb  to the next.  There are over 500 factories in China building CFL bulb today and many of them offer very poor quality product.  Most of the quality issues revolve around slow start times, slow ramp to full lumens, and shorter life.  The life of a CFL bulb is really important in determining the total cost.  always look to see what the rated life for the bulb is.  Always look to see if the cfl bulb or the company you are purchasing from is EnergyStar certified because then you have a third party that has actually tested the cfl bulb for the rated life.  If the actual life of a cheap cfl bulb is only 5,000 hours then it would have to be 50% cheaper then a 10,000 hour cfl bulb.   At www.wholesalebulbs.net we only import from the highest quality factories.  Today we only work with four factories for our prodcut and they are each the very best at what they do.  Just because one factory offers great quality candelbra CFL bulbs it does not mean their dimmable reflectors will offer the same high quality and performance.  For this reason we work with one company for our dimmable CFL bulbs, one company for all of our screw in standard CFL’s, another company for all of our 2 pin and 4 pin plug in CFL and a fourth and final company for all of our linear fluorescent bulbs (T-8′s, T-12, and T-5).  In the end the way you truly save money on CFL bulbs is to eliminate the middle men that are involved in the procurement supply chain.  At Wholesalebulbs we buy directly from the manufacturers and bring those cfl bulbs DIRECT to our customers.  This is how we are able to deliver the very best value to our customers….and delivery the CHEAPEST CFL bulbs on the internet!

Wholesalebulbs is Introducing its new LifeLamp Dimmable CFL at The International Poultry Expo!

December 18th, 2009

LifeLamp Product Information 01152010

Wholesalebulbs will be introducing its new LifeLamp Modular CFL design at the IPE in late January 2010.

This new innovative technology separates the lamp from the ballast to enable the reuse of the ballast after the lamp burns out!  This not only provides a benefit to the environment but also SIGNIFICANTLY reduces the overall cost of using energy efficient lighting in Dimmable Lighting applications.  Currently each time a farmer purchases an energy efficient dimmable CFL bulb with an integrated ballast he pays between $7 and $15  depending on the volume and type he purchases.  With LifeLamp the per unit cost comes down to about $3.00 a bulb!  The Poultry industry happens to be an industry that requires control over lighting intensity for raising the chickens and this is why Wholesalebulbs has decided to introduce this innovative new technology at this show.  For additional information about LifeLamp please open the presentation which is attached with this blog above:



Wholesalebulbs Is Going to the International Poultry Expo in January!

December 11th, 2009

We wanted to announce that we are going to the International Poultry Expo in January 2010!

We will be showing off all of our newest technology at this show, some of this lighting technology has been specifically developed for the Poultry Production Industry. 

We have a great booth location at 4200.  A 20′X10′ booth right near the entrace of Hall B

We will be talking about our new dimmable modular flourescent bulbs at the show within the InfoMart Theatre on Wed. at 12:30 PM.

For more information on the International Poultry Show please use the below link to check it all out!  We hope to see you there!


CFL Bulb Life

December 3rd, 2009

Everyone asks us how long should a CFL REALLY last?

We tell them it depends on many things.  First of all, the number of times you turn a CFL on and off will effect the life of CFL bulb.  All of the bulbs are LIFE TESTED in a condition where they are left on for 3 hours each day.  They are only turned on and off once each day.  Starting a CFL puts stress on the lamp because you are applying a high voltage to the tube to “excite” the phosphorous and Amalgem inside the tube….this is what creats the light.  The more you do this the more you wear down the tube.  A CFL does well when it is turned on no more then 5 times a day…if you are expecting to be turning on and off a light more then that each day expect that the life of your CFL will be reduced by 30% or so.  This is not a problem for most people because you still save money versus non energy efficient  incandescent lighting….but you should know about it.   The other thing that has a great effect on the bulb is using the wrong bulb in an application.  For instance, if you use a high wattage spiral bulb in a recessed can you can expect to see a greatly reduced life on that bulb.  Reflector bulbs are built for recessed can applications.  The “reflective” surface inside the bulb actually reflects the light (and hence a portion of the heat) down and away from the recessed can.  This creates the perception of having more light in the room.  If you were to install the same wattage regular CFL spiral up in the recessed can area you would find that it gives off MUCH LESS light into the room versus the Reflector.  So…what many people do to save money is to purchase a higher wattage regular spiral bulb (a typical R30 is 15 watts so they will put in a 23 or 26 watt regular spiral bulb) and install that in the can.  You see this in many resturants and hotels.  This higher wattage CFL gives off much more heat and then that heat is trapped up inside the can.  This heat then effect the electronics inside the integrated ballast and reduces the life of these components drastically.  When you install a high wattage CFL inside these cans you can expect to see up to a 50% reduction in life…and depending on the quality of the CFL you may see as much as a 70% reduction in life…..some of you may be wondering why higher wattage incandescents are not effected by this heat….for instance a 60 watt or 75 watt incandescnt bulb put into a recessed can…the reason is that incandescent bulbs don’t ship with an integrated ballast…there are NO electronics inside a incandescent bulb!

R-20 Reflector CFLS

December 3rd, 2009

Did you know that R-20 CFL reflectors are about 1″ longer then their Incandescent or Halogen counterparts?  We just found out about this issue because one of our customers purchased a bunch of R-20′s for recessed lighting in their homes and the bulbs stuck out beyond the ceiling edge of the recessed can!  So…please be sure to measure the depth of your can when ordering R-20 CFL from ANY location…..as they might not fit.  Many of the newer R20 can’s have taken this into account and have added the extra inch into their cans.

Energy Efficient Lighting Initiatives

December 3rd, 2009

Generic Energy Efficient Lighting Initiative


Trains are Green according to Warren Buffet

November 16th, 2009

Last week, Warren Buffet, Billionaire from Berkshire Hathaway was in NYC.  While attending an event at Columbia University, Warren remained an extra day in order to appear on the Charlie Rose Show.  Some of you might have seen the interview.  Warren had some interesting comments about our American economy, his company’s recent purchase of Burlington Northern Railroad and our fundamental U.S. commerce system.  We thought you might find highlights of that conversation interesting.

“Only when the tide goes out do you discover who has been swimming naked” in referring to the recent downturn of our economy.

On Burlington Northern: “We cannot move this railroad to China or India.  We have a high degree of confidence that America is going to do well in the coming years which will benefit the railroad.”  Buffet referenced how earth friendly the railroad is these days.  “One ton of goods moves 470 miles per gallon of diesel on a train!  An average train replaces 280 trucks and moves 40% of American goods.  The Railroad industry has modernized tremendously since WWII.  Right after WWII, the railroad industry employed 1.5million people.  Today, it has grown tremendously in efficiency and employs less than 200,000 people nationwide!

On our Country’s economy: “Things that made America what it is have not disappeared and they will assert themselves in time.  It remains the best place to invest in.  The fundamental parts of our system are intact.  Our rule of law, our equality of opportunity and our market system are still the best in the world.”

“A 1.4 trillion deficit is not sustainable but we need to get better first before we can fix that.”

“I have no worries that we will come out of this.  If a major terror event occured, that could impact our recovery as could a huge spike in oil prices”…..  he also stated that eventually, retail sales will recover, Home construction will recover as will unemployment.”

Interesting that Warren Buffet feels like people like him are taxed a bit too little!  He referred to the unfair taxing when he stated that these days,”It feels a bit like a rising tide lifts all yachts.”  He firmly believes we need a more “appropriate rate of taxation” and that “the American system is more geared to the rich” today.

When Mr Buffet speaks, people listen.  We hope you found this interesting and since it did touch a bit on green as does our product at www.wholesalebulbs.net , we wanted to share it with you.   Thank you

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