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Metal Halide Energy Efficient Bulb

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Lou Hughes
PHOTO: WholesaleBulb’s Big E Bulb is a Biggie in Energy Efficient Light Bulb Category Primary advantages include instant start, 55 percent operating cost reduction, 90 percent heat reduction, and no capital investment to use in metal halide or pulse start fixtures

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CITY OF INDUSTRY, Calif./EWORLDWIRE/May 17, 2011 — Wholesalebulbs.net announces the addition of a new patent-pending energy efficient light bulb to its leading energy efficient light bulb Web site at WholesaleBulbs.net (‘http://www.wholesalebulbs.net’).

Wholesalebulbs.net is the exclusive Web wholesaler for the Big E Bulb, which is a direct replacement to the HID bulb or lamp, also referred to as a metal halide or pulse start bulb.

The Big E bulb is a direct replacement to the HID bulb which is sometimes referred to as a metal halide or pulse start bulb. The bulb simply screws in, without a need to bypass ballasts as is typically the case when using an energy efficient bulb in a metal halide or pulse start fixture. The Big E bulb requires 277 volts to operate just like most metal halide bulbs, and it has an E-39 base enabling it to be used in metal halide fixtures.

Today, there are over 45.7 million HID or metal halide fixtures in use across the United States despite their energy inefficiency. The average metal halide bulb sold in the U.S. pulls 400 watts of power. The cost to convert HID or metal halide fixtures to an energy efficient light source is excessive, which has delayed adoption. New ballasts must be installed or existing ballasts must be bypassed, and HID metal halide fixtures are often in hard-to-access locations, requiring excessive electrical contracting expenses.

An average business nationally pays about $.10 per kilowatt hour, and the average annual cost to operate a metal halide bulb runs about $380.05 per metal halide bulb per year. By simply replacing metal halide bulbs with Big E bulbs, the cost per fixture per year drops from $380.05 to $168.30 – an immediate 55 percent savings in energy costs. A building with 20 fixtures would save $4,235 annually. With these huge cost savings and no up front capital investment required to update fixtures and ballasts to use the Big E bulb, it makes the decision to change to The Big E bulb an easy one.

Additional advantages of using The Big E fluorescent bulb rather than metal halide pulse or probe start bulbs:

- Lumen Maintenance: Over the 15,000 hours the Big-E bulb will last, lumen maintenance is far superior to metal halide bulbs. Big-E offers lumen depreciation of below 15 percent as compared to lumen depreciation of up to 70 percent in metal halide lamps over the same period.

- Instant Start-up and Restrike: With instant start up and restrike, customers no longer have to wait for the bulb to brighten. In many cases, metal halide bulbs can take up to 15 minutes to reach full lumen capacity.

- Color Change: There will be no color change over the life of the Big E bulb, and its CRI (color Rendering Index) of 84 is much higher than the CRI of 40 with metal halide bulbs.

- Low Temperature: The Big E bulb produces 90 percent less heat than metal halide lamps which can reduce the temperature in a typical building by more than 5 degrees per fixture and energy costs by reducing the demand on cooling systems. The Big E Fluorescent bulb runs very cool creating a more comfortable working environment within buildings.

Rich Kellaher, president of Wholesalebulbs.net, stated, “As a simple direct replacement for metal halide or pulse start lamps, the Big E Bulb presents significant bottom-line savings by making the switch without requiring capital investment.

“Demand has been great, but many people are just learning of this incredible new bulb,” Kellaher said. “I anticipate an accelerated sales curve on this product in the upcoming weeks and months as clients learn about it and select from thousands of Big E bulbs we have available and in stock, ready to ship.

“The Big E Bulb is truly aspirin for our customers’ financial headaches. What surprises clients most is how easy it is to switch – that they simply screw the Big E into a metal halide fixture. There is no need to bypass ballasts; those who choose to bypass them can do so when the input power is 277 Volts. This patent pending Big E bulb is the first of its kind and no one else in the world has ever offered this innovative product.”

The Big E delivers some head-to-head advantages over metal halide bulbs. Lou Hughes, vice president of product development for Wholesalebulbs.net, noted, “Big E Bulbs offer immediate savings beginning on day one. In this economy, more energy efficient lighting offers tremendous financial incentives to commercial building owners.

“From base to tip, Big E bulbs are 14.5 cm and 7.5 cm in diameter – and, it seems, the Big E bulb is hard to classify. While the Big E looks like a CFL it is not. It is legally not a CFL,” remarked Kellaher.

“When a company considers the wattage reduction available with Big E bulbs, they are struck by the amount of rebate dollars available from utility companies by implementing the solution,” commented Kellaher. “The bulb can literally serve as a cash generator. The math is straightforward: we offer greater energy efficiency in 180 watts for a superior product compared to 400-watt metal halides, and our 120-watt Big E replaces 250-watt metal halide bulbs. The E-39 base screws right into metal halide sockets. Seeing that no capital investment is required brightens every CFO’s outlook.”

Hughes continued, “With the cool white color temperature of 5000 Kelvin, we just have not seen any downside to this bulb thus far. Products are shipped via UPS Ground with over 20 built-in supports on three sides of each bulb, to withstand vibrations the bulb may see when in use. The bulbs are built to last and satisfy and, with our aggressive price schedule, our resellers can make strong profits as they offer a truly unique solution for clients and companies more focused than ever on their bottom line.”

An 18-month warranty and UL & CUL listing and approval ensure customers enjoy quality and service.

Added Hughes, “Big E Bulbs are a smart green solution for the replacement of metal halide bulbs. When you consider the drain of 45 million HID bulbs on the U.S. energy market being utilized an average of 10 hours per day, if every metal halide bulb was switched out for a Big E, an energy savings equivalent to 90 million kilowatt hours of power per year would be saved. To put this in perspective, it represents more then twice the energy that is created within the entire alternative energy generation business in the U.S. today – including solar, wind, and other sources.”

To learn more about and purchase the Big E bulb please visit the below links on the www.wholesalebulbs.net website:


A useful bulb selector can be found at ‘http://www.wholesalebulbs.net/selector’, while current specials can be viewed at ‘http://www.wholesalebulbs.net/special_page.php’.

Learn more about the Big E Bulb and its affiliate reseller program at ‘http://www.wholesalebulbs.net/customer-services/affiliate’ or order Big E Bulbs at WholesaleBulbs.net (‘http://www.wholesalebulbs.net’).

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