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Cheapest CFL Bulbs

January 3rd, 2010

Where to find the cheapest CFL’s on the internet?  How to find the cheapest CFL’s on the internet? 

There IS a quality difference from one CFLbulb  to the next.  There are over 500 factories in China building CFL bulb today and many of them offer very poor quality product.  Most of the quality issues revolve around slow start times, slow ramp to full lumens, and shorter life.  The life of a CFL bulb is really important in determining the total cost.  always look to see what the rated life for the bulb is.  Always look to see if the cfl bulb or the company you are purchasing from is EnergyStar certified because then you have a third party that has actually tested the cfl bulb for the rated life.  If the actual life of a cheap cfl bulb is only 5,000 hours then it would have to be 50% cheaper then a 10,000 hour cfl bulb.   At www.wholesalebulbs.net we only import from the highest quality factories.  Today we only work with four factories for our prodcut and they are each the very best at what they do.  Just because one factory offers great quality candelbra CFL bulbs it does not mean their dimmable reflectors will offer the same high quality and performance.  For this reason we work with one company for our dimmable CFL bulbs, one company for all of our screw in standard CFL’s, another company for all of our 2 pin and 4 pin plug in CFL and a fourth and final company for all of our linear fluorescent bulbs (T-8′s, T-12, and T-5).  In the end the way you truly save money on CFL bulbs is to eliminate the middle men that are involved in the procurement supply chain.  At Wholesalebulbs we buy directly from the manufacturers and bring those cfl bulbs DIRECT to our customers.  This is how we are able to deliver the very best value to our customers….and delivery the CHEAPEST CFL bulbs on the internet!

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