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Fluorescent Lighting Explained

Shape and Size Guide Page

Wholesalebulbs Reflectors and PAR Bulb Shapes and Sizing The below wholesalebulbs R
(Reflector) and Par SKU's sizing are compliant with industry size specifications

FE-104 FE-104
FE-152 FE-116
FE-240 FE-240
FE-242 FE-242

Wholesalebulbs CandleLabra Bulb Shapes and Sizing

Candalabra E-26 Base FE-103 FE-103
Candalabra E-26 Base FE-114 FE-114

A-Type and Evolve Shapes

FE-231 FE-231 - EVOLVE!
FE-152 FE-152 - 15 Watt
FE-152 FE-152 - 19 Watt
Standard Incandescent A Shaped Bulb Standard

Globe Bulb Shapes

FE-117 FE-117 G30 - 10 Watt
FE-117 FE-117 G30 - 15 Watt
FE-219 FE-219 FE-230
FE-136 FE-136 - 5 Watt
FE-117 FE-117 G25 - 10 Watt
FE-117 FE-117 G25 - 15 Watt
Typical Incandescent Decorative Globe Bulb Typical
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