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Fluorescent Lighting Explained

Being smaller than even incandescent alternatives makes Evolve from Wholesalebulbs.net a big deal. The industry's smallest available T2 CFLs available exclusively from Wholesalebulbs.net complement a broad line of Wholesalebulbs.net CFLs.  Lumen improvements have been made to each of our new T2 CFLs.

Wholesalebulbs.net will push Acceptance of CFLs to a whole new level thanks to our site's ability to simplify what has become a confusing category.  One industry veteran called the CFL category in the U.S. "a compilation of irrational promotional pricing to a consumer base ill prepared to understand the actual value equation on the shelves."  This expert continued, "the terminology that most web sites and retail packs seem to assume consumers are familiar with overestimate America's fluorescent sophistication."  Wholesalebulbs.net addresses this with the industry's most effective education site!   For consumers today, the total cost of light can be dramatically affected by CFL technology and the rated life it allows.  Producing a small T2 CFL, one that's brighter than its predecessor and incandescent equivalents, allows today's CFL shopper to purchase energy saving light bulbs without regret when they arrive home and it fits even more effectively than the old power hungry incandescents!   CFL efficiency and versatility is here to stay.   

Evolve T2 CFLs provide flicker-free starts, warm and pleasing incandescent-like color and excellent lumen maintenance over a 12,000-hour rated life. Wholesalebulbs.net offers a CFL for virtually every socket in homes, hotel guestrooms or any other facility.  Wholesalebulbs.net is the exclusive online partner with an ENERGY STAR manufacturing partner.  All of our CFL products meet the ENERGY STAR guidelines for energy efficiency as set by the Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Energy. Wholesalebulbs.net CFL lamps are competitively priced, and some are the longest-rated-life ENERGY STAR CFL products available on the market today.

Wholesalebulbs.net encourages customers to work to address wasteful spending on energy. Some helpful software tools include our site's bulb locator to help you pinpoint the perfect fluorescent bulb for your application.  Just click on the following link.  http://www.wholesalebulbs.net/selector  As more and more homes discover the beauty of Evolve and the savings they afford a home or hotel, penetration will be multiplied.  So join us, evolve and save money!

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