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New Tech in Fluorescent Lighting

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LifeLamp Dimmable Modular CFL Lamp

LifeLamp is the result of years of research targeted at resolving the poor quality and performance of dimmable compact fluorescent lamps (CFL). LifeLamp is changing the way people perceive and experience compact fluorescent lighting!
  • No retrofitting
    or capital investment

    Lifelamp does not require any capital investment for our commercial customers. There is no need to hire electrical contractors to install expensive electronic ballasts and fluorescent fixtures when you wish to convert to dimmable energy efficient fluorescent lighting. Lifelamp offers exciting new technology and we make it easy to begin enjoying the financial and visual benefits right away.

    With the newest energy efficient technology available to mankind today, allowing for world class dimming without the usual energy waste, Lifelamp's return to the bottom line will be measured immediately when you experience the difference in dimming quality and capability.

    That's right, a better quality dimmable light bulb that also delivers a more efficient lower cost to operate than the current technology. And the great news is that there is no up front financial commitment that accompanies this improvement in performance and efficiency. Simply screw LifeLamp into your current Edison Incandescent fixtures

    Detachable and reusable ballast

    Lifelamp dimmable mini spiral replacement lamps are rated at 10,000 hours of use. With our quick and easy snap in, snap out design, replacement is a breeze. No need to unscrew anything when replacing LifeLamp bulbs.
    And once every 50,000 hours (Almost 6 years even if you never turn the ballast off!), simply screw in a new ballast and wait another six to ten years to replace it again! It's almost like having a lifetime lamp.

    That's why we call it LIFELAMP!

  • Light for life

    Many of the leading lighting manufacturers have introduced dimmable fluorescent bulbs to businesses all over North America. We have all witnessed the problems that these poor performing dimmable CFL's cause. Many customers have returned to dimmable incandescent lamps or begun to use a much more expensive cold cathode dimmable bulb after finding that cheaper is not always better. Lifelamp believes it is time you were rewarded for your patience when it comes to energy efficient dimmable lighting products.

    Lifelamp is now positioned to serve as your dimmable LIGHT FOR LIFE.

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